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Monthly Updates

In order to promote the free flow of information the agency distributes a monthly Economic and Revenue Update.

The staff of the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council prepares a publication to update the members of the Council and the Work Group on current conditions.

RCW 82.33.040 requires the agency to provide revenue collection information the first business day following the conclusion of each collection period (currently 10th of each month, however this will be changing in the fall of 2017).

This page will include these monthly reports for the current forecast period. The forecast is revised each quarter.

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  • U.S. labor markets added 238,000 net new jobs in February; average hourly earnings were 2.8% above their year-ago level.

  • U.S. residential building permits have increased in five of the last six months.

  • Truck tonnage and rail car loadings were both stronger.

  • Washington housing construction came down to earth in January after a very strong fourth quarter.

  • Seattle area home prices continue to rise rapidly.

  • Major General Fund-State revenue collections for the February 11 - March 10, 2017 collection period came in $52.2 million (4.5%) above the November forecast.

  • Cumulatively, collections are now $162.7 million (2.6%) higher than forecasted. Adjusted for net large one-time payments since the November forecast and expected large refunds that have been delayed, cumulative collections are $134.2 million (2.2%) higher than forecasted.




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